Cold Shower Benefits – 30 Day Challenge

Starting a Business

For years I have talked about starting my own business. I would share all the ideas I came up with believing that someday they would free me from having to work for someone else.

I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, and my father was an entrepreneur. So it would seem like the obvious path.

I spent years learning about business and entrepreneurship.

There are hundreds of books, and training courses I’ve consumed in hopes of coming up with the next big idea.

So when I see my friends they always ask, “How's your business coming along?”

Here come the excuses…

“It's pretty good, I'm just trying to set up the right plan so I can get started.”


“It's good, I just wish I had more time to work on it.”

Here's another…

“I haven't found the right niche yet, but I'm getting close.”

The last one is the most frustrating because as true as that statement is, I would have a target niche if I could commit to one.

Instead I end up bouncing from idea to idea thinking that I’ll stumble upon the right one.


Changing My Mindset

Months ago I found a Tedx Talks video of Joel Runyon. It was about how cold showers changed his life. You can watch it below.

I came across this because I had been studying the benefits of cold shower therapy.

My reasons for researching the topic at the time was to learn how cold showers help with weight loss and burning fat.

If you saw my confession post last week you would know that I’m somewhat obsessed about my personal fitness goals.

I learned that taking cold showers everyday could help you burn up to 5 lbs of fat a week.

That’s pretty insane!

When I saw Joel Runyon’s talk, I thought it was pretty profound.

I figured since I was doing it to burn fat anyway, then I would also get the added benefit of overcoming the challenges I faced with starting a business.

Yesterday I watched the video again.

Mostly because I was just fed up with talking about starting a business and wanted to finally own one.

I noticed something different this time as I watched.

I payed attention to the excuses he mentions making himself when he struggled to start his own business.

See, the first time I watched, I was in a different head space and didn’t feel the pressure from struggling to start a business.

I realized, those are all the excuses I make.

Another thing was that I would start with a warm shower and then turn it cold after I finished washing my body because it was easier.

Now I see that it was only another way for me to come up with excuses so I didn’t have to do it.

That makes a lot of sense because I stopped doing cold showers months ago after I reached my weight goal.

So like Joel, I had to turn on that cold water, force myself not to reach for the hot, and hop in that shower.


Walking on Fire

You may have heard of Tony Robbins and his Fire Walking ritual.

It’s a method he uses in one of his seminars that is meant to change a person’s state.

You’re gonna see me use this image a lot. It’s called The Success Cycle.

the success cycle

Tony describes this cycle in many of his programs, and it is a great representation of how a person can change their state.

You start with belief/attitude, and end up with results that then influence your belief/attitude.

Then the cycle continues until you change your state.

In my case, my belief/attitude toward starting my coaching business is providing me with unwanted results.

This means my state needs to change if I want better results.

I’m currently writing a book that goes deeper into this concept, but for now I’ll give you the shortened version.

Tony Robbins uses fire walking to help the people that attend his seminar change their state.

He’s considered one of the best coaches money could buy in the coaching industry, and he provides thousands of people with amazing results.

I currently can’t afford to attend one of Tony’s seminars, and I don’t really have the ability to walk across burning hot coals either.

However, I believe that cold showers provides a similar benefit.

As I mentioned in my Day 01 video, Tony Robbins jumps in ice cold water every day. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t walk across hot burning coals on the regular.

So as an alternative I’m going to use cold shower therapy as the primary alternative.

Hopefully I can change my state, and start getting better results.


What Are You So Afraid Of?

After the first day taking cold showers, I already see the benefits.

I was afraid of nothing…

Yeah, the first 30-60 seconds are uncomfortable.

Maybe uncomfortable isn’t the best description. It’s more like terrifying and shocking.

Then you get used to it.

The real learning experience happens after you realize you’re capable of doing it.

I began to laugh when I thought about all the excuses my mind came up with before I stepped into the water, and how refreshed I felt when it was over.

Today as I’m writing this, it’s Day 02 of my challenge and I plan to shower tonight after my workout.

I know it has to be done, but I can feel my mind coming up with all kinds of excuses already.

I have a networking event I’m going to today also and I’m certain this will be an uncomfortable situation.

Hopefully taking cold showers will help me find a way to face the discomfort and make some great connections with some great people.

I will talk more about how that turns out in my weekly blog post/video/podcast.

With the help of cold shower therapy, I have faith that by the end of 2016 I will finally be able to call myself a business owner.


Start Taking Cold Showers

If you’re struggling with starting a business, or you have a goal you want to reach, and you’re aware that fear is holding you back, I’d like for you to join me in taking this challenge.

Below I have a video documenting day 1 for this challenge.

Everyday I will share what I’ve learned so far and the benefits it provides outside my bathroom.

I believe this will help me on an emotional, social, professional, and spiritual level.

However, we will have to see.

This is the mission of My Broken Chains. I want to use this platform to share my challenges so you can learn from them.

I want to be able to look at this 5 years from now as a completely different person, and hopefully I will help hundreds, or thousands of people along the way.


But now I want to hear from you in the comment section below.

What are some of the challenges you’re facing, and do you think 30 days of cold showers can help you?

Are you willing to join me and take the challenge?

If not, let me know why.




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