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In this FREE coaching session we will:

  • Discover what outcome you want for your life and career.
  • Diagnose the sticking points that hold you back.
  • Develop a plan of action to tackle the problems you struggle with the most.
  • Do you struggle to find your life's purpose, and don't know where to begin?
  • Do you come up with lots of ideas, and don't know which one to focus on?
  • Do you have family and friends that discourage you, or they don't seem to take interest in your dreams, and does it make you want to give up?
  • Do you have something that you're passionate about and wish you can turn into a career, and don't know how?

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We often hope a solution will fall in our lap. Well the good news is by coming to my website, a solution actually has fallen into your lap (metaphorically speaking).

In my early twenties, I worked a seasonal job and made only $15,000. I had to figure out how to change my life through trial and error. I was lucky to stumble upon a few amazing opportunities that changed my entire life, and now I'm an author, motivational speaker, web consultant, and coach for hundreds of people around the world.

My goal is to help people see their dreams become a reality. I want you to feel understood.

I spent years trying to figure out my life without any help. It can take years to overcome your most difficult challenges, and having a coach can help speed up the process.

How effective is coaching?

A study called The Manchester Review, published in 2001 by Joy McGovern, Ph.D., Michael Lindemann, Ph.D., Monica Vergara, M.A., Stacey Murphy, Linda Barker, M.A., and Rodney Warrenfeltz, Ph.D. produced strong evidence on the effectiveness of coaching.

It included 100 executives holding positions of vice president or above, who completed coaching programs from six to twelve months in duration. The study showed a 5.7 times return on the initial investment.

Tangible business impacts reported by business executives that received coaching (% = frequency impact reported):

  • Productivity (53%)
  • Quality (48%)
  • Organizational strength (48%)
  • Customer service (39%)
  • Reduced customer complaints (34%)
  • Company Retention of Executives who received coaching (32%)
  • Cost Reductions (23%)
  • Bottom Line Profitability (22%)
  • Top Line Revenue (14%)
  • Reduced turnover (12%)

Intangible business impacts reported by business executives that received coaching:

Improved relationships with direct reports (77%)

  • Improved relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
  • Improved teamwork (67%)
  • Improved relationships with peers (63%)
  • Improved job satisfaction (61%)
  • Reduced conflict (52%)
  • Increased organizational commitment (44%)
  • Improved relationships with clients (37%)

Numbers like these can completely turn a company around. Imagine the impact having a coach will have on your life.

I can relate. I found a coach that worked for me, and went from making $15,000 a year as a caddy, to almost $70,000 a year as a web developer.

Now as my way of giving back, I help others change their lives with free articles, podcasts, and videos. To get the full benefit of a coach, I offer a free session that can help you figure out a plan to get past the major obstacles that are holding you back.

That session alone can be enough to have a major impact on your life and career. So what are you waiting for?

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